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Root To Fruit Thinking

  • We learn about your business, what makes your offer unique and who your target clients are.

  • We explore why your clients buy your technology, how it benefits them and if it has any benefit for their clients too!

  • From Silicon to Semiconductor Manufacturing,  PCB to Contract Electronic Manufacturing, our experience across these  sectors, is broad.

  • Your technology may be complex and difficult to understand and not every  buyer or influencer, has a PHD in physics! Using clever creative, we  can take complex technology and make it appeal, to a wider audience. 

  • If it is quality, reliability and electronics industry experience you are looking for, choose Cacti Creative Solutions!

To start the process, lets chat about you and your needs! What makes your technology unique and why clients buy from you.

  • We can help you with new advertising concepts. 
  • You can choose us to design, develop or refresh your trade show materials. 
  • You can ask us to refresh your technical papers and brochures, for print or online use.

Why Choose Cacti Creative Solutions?

With over 15 years experience in the  electronics sector, our team has an impressive track record working with  senior executives from some of the largest electronics companies and  OEM's in the world, including AMD, Hitachi, Intel, Infineon, Siemens,  Sony, Meissner, Jenoptik, Itemic, Rofin Sinar, TSMC, Motorola, Nokia and  Triquint, just to name a few.

Our  team has a history producing leading print publications and online  media for the Semiconductor, PCB, EMS industries and their OEM  suppliers.

We  are experts in the development of print and online media, as well as  creating advertising and corporate media, that gets you results!

Publications Expertise

Future Fab International - Launched 1996

A publication delivered to Technical Directors, FAB Management and Procurement Executives. 

FFI  was dedicated to the latest thinking in semiconductor manufacturing. With white papers and corporate profiles dedicated to the complete manufacturing process, within a Fab. From Silicon to CVD, Lithography to FAB Automation, 300mm to Encapsulation.With additional features on FAB  Design and Clean Room Management. 

Print run 10,000 copies. 8-12 sections and 324 pages per issue. This Publication went totally digital in 2008.

FCI - Future Circuits International - Launched 1997

Dedicated to the latest thought leadership in circuit board manufacturing, from bare board to SMT. Published twice a year and delivered to senior executives and supply chain management of the largest board manufacturers and CEM’s in the USA, Europe and the Far East. 

Print run at 10,000 copies. 8-10 sections and 204+ pages.

Future EMS - Launched 1998

Delivered to Senior Executives of major CEM's globally. Features on Outsourcing Negotiation, Contract Management, Sourcing, JIT, Six Sigma, SMT, Testing and In-Line Automation, to name a  few.

Print run at 10,000 copies with 8-10 sections and 160+ pages.

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